Female Amazon Employee Forced to Live in Warehouse Parking Lot after Workplace Injury

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A female Amazon employee was left homeless and living in a warehouse carpark after suffering an injury at a fulfillment center in Haslet, Texas. She says, “I work for the world’s richest man and I live in my car.”

Vickie Shannon Allen, 49, has documented her eviction from a Texas RV park on YouTube and has also set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money after losing her home. She has since found a permanent home, but needs money to pay for the first month’s rent and the deposit.

“I can’t believe this is my life now,” she says in one of her videos. “I work for the world’s richest man and I live in my car.”

In an interview with the Guardian, Allen explained the injury occurred in October 2017 while counting goods on a faulty workstation. She claims that although Amazon did provide her with medical treatment, she was repeatedly sent home without pay for being unable to work.

“I tried to work again, but I couldn’t stretch my right arm out and I’m right-handed,” Allen said. “So I was having a hard time keeping up. This went on for about three weeks.”

“They offered me a buyout, only for $3,500, which meant I would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not say anything derogatory about Amazon or my experience,” she said.

The case is just one of the countless horror stories to come from the online commerce giant, whose CEO Jeff Bezos is worth an estimated $143 billion. Previous reports indicate how some employees were forced to urinate in trash cans for fear of taking a bathroom break, a strike system for those who cannot attend work due to illness, and other employees worked to exhaustion as robots threaten to take their jobs altogether.


However, Amazon has denied claims that their warehouses were unsafe and pointed to how they have created thousands of jobs for Americans across the country.

“We don’t recognize these allegations as an accurate portrayal of working at Amazon,” a spokeswoman told Business Insider in an email. “We are proud of our safety record and thousands of Amazonians work hard every day innovating ways to make it even better.

“Amazon has created over 130,000 jobs in the last year alone and now employs over 560,000 people around the world,” they continued. “Ensuring the safety of these associates is our number one priority.”

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