Allum Bokhari: Google ‘Admits They’re Moving Towards Censorship’

Google is "The Good Censor"
Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images

Breitbart News Senior Tech reporter Allum Bokhari appeared on One America News Network recently to discuss the latest Breitbart exclusive Google “The Good Censor” document leak with host Jack Posobiec.

In an interview with One America News Network host Jack Posobiec, Breitbart News Senior Tech reporter Allum Bokhari discussed the recent exclusive Breitbart leak of an 85-page internal Google document which states that the idea of free speech is a “utopian dream” that is no longer possible, and outlines the growing crackdown of speech on social media.

Bokhari appeared on the OANN to discuss the document, a short clip from the interview posted by interviewer Jack Posobiec can be seen below:

“Google said the document is just research and it doesn’t reflect company policy,” said Bokhari. “That doesn’t make sense to me as an explanation because the briefing is a description of company policy, it says this is where things are going, this is the direction of travel, this is where things are moving, this is where we need to move if we want to accomplish certain things.”

“The three top things that the briefing reveals, one: they admit they are shifting towards censorship and Silicon Valley as a whole is shifting towards censorship. Two: they admit that they, Twitter and Facebook now control the majority of online conversation and three: they make the business case for censorship. They say you need to censor in order to protect advertisers from controversy and you need to censor in order to maintain global expansion.”

Watch the full segment here.

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