Leeds Trinity University: Capital Letters Trigger Students

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Leeds Trinity University in the United Kingdom has told its lecturers to avoid using capital letters in their classroom handouts because they upset students, and can “scare students into failure.”

The journalism department at Leeds Trinity University has cautioned its instructors against writing in capital letters on classroom paperwork such as syllabi and exam instructions because capital letters can trigger certain students.

Instructors in the department received a memo that stated that uppercase lettering can “scare [students] into failure.”

“Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all,” the memo adds.

One instructor pushed back, arguing that writing in uppercase letters ensures that students don’t miss important parts of assignments.

A spokesperson for the university said that the memo was written to teach lecturers better understand how they might help students reach their full potential.

This isn’t the first case of “social justice” lunacy on British campuses this year. In October, Kent University adopted a list of banned costumes that included anything that related to an ethnicity or religion. Examples include the wearing of sombreros or religious garb. The school even told students that would not be permitted to dress up as cowboys.


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