Dennis Prager: Google Is ‘Full of Crap; They Will Lie Because They Can Get Away with It’

Veteran conservative talk show host Dennis Prager told Breitbart News that the goal of the Left and Silicon Valley elites is to control and suppress all who disagree with them.

The Left is totalitarian, there has never been an exception,” said Dennis Prager to Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit.

Prager insisted that the Left wants “to control everything and suppress everything [conservatives] differ with — [the Left] has a deep-seated tactic, the suppression of all those who differ with them.”

“The Left does not value liberty, except sexual liberty,” added Prager.

Prager also said that the Left believes everyone who is different than them is “scum.”

“That is how the Left has always operated,” stated Prager, “since Stalin called Trotsky a fascist, it has never differed. The Left is the enemy of liberty, the enemy of tolerance.”

Prager, whose PragerU organization sued YouTube and its parent company Google, also stated that the tech moguls like Google CEO Sundar Pichai are “full of crap” when they blame censorship on algorithms.

“They will lie, because they can get away with it. Who’s going to catch them? The New York Times? The Washington Post? The LA Times? CBS? ABC? NBC? Who’s going to catch them?”

Prager added that big tech conglomerates need to be transparent about who is and is not allowed to use their social media platforms.

“Do [big tech companies] claim that you are an open forum for all views. And that if they are only for left-leaning users, they should be transparent about that,” he said.

Prager added that a social media platform that is censoring Prager University videos, as YouTube has, is “clearly a left-wing organization,” and that the companies should be honest about that.

“You claim to be an open forum, you’re clearly not, and therefore, you need to be called to task,” he said about the tech censors.

When asked about the irony in how, for instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook was started by a college dropout in his Harvard dorm room and went on to become a billion-dollar company, Prager said, “The rarest of traits is human courage. So even if [Zuckerberg] were really a centrist — which I doubt he is — but let’s say he were, he doesn’t want to take on the Left. There’s no price paid taking on the right,” stated Prager.

“You take on the Left, you get destroyed — the price we [conservatives] pay for not being on the left, and being outspoken, and well-known, is a high price.”

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