Freelance Platform Fiverr Bans Popular Voice-Over Artist ‘VoiceoverPete’ for Fortnite Joke

Voice-over Actor VoiceoverPete banned for a Fortnite joke

Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services, mysteriously banned a popular voice-over actor from its service in November after he produced a joke video about popular video game Fortnite for a customer, leaving him stranded for two months without access to thousands of dollars he earned on the platform.

A voice actor who goes by “VoiceoverPete” has taken to YouTube to express his concerns about overreach and censorship by freelance marketplace Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace where individuals can offer a wide variety of services to customers on the platform. Popular services on the platform include graphic design, website coding, and voice over narration.

VoiceoverPete was banned from the platform in November after one of his videos went viral. The video, which was made for a Fiverr customer, involved VoiceoverPete making a joke about a character from the popular online multiplayer game Fortnite asking the viewer for credit card information. The video was quite obviously a joke based on a viral meme playing off the young age of many Fortnite gamers. But that didn’t stop Fiverr from banning VoiceoverPete from their platform without notice.

VoiceoverPete thought that the problem would ultimately be resolved. He claims that Fiverr still hasn’t replied to his emails. Moreover, Fiverr is still allegedly holding onto thousands of dollars that VoiceoverPete earned by providing voice-over videos for his customers. Two months after he was banned, Pete is still trying to get into contact with someone at Fiverr to find out why he was banned and to find out how he can access the money that they are holding from him.

This year, Fiverr is preparing itself for its Initial Public Offering, which is expected to value the company at $1 billion. While this news may be good for stock market investors, it’s not necessarily good for small creators on the platform who may now fear Fiverr’s power to arbitrarily rob them of their livelihood.

In an exclusive comment to Breitbart News, Fiverr claimed that they will not disclose information about specific user accounts. They also claim that banned users are able to withdraw funds 90 days after their removal from the platform.

Fiverr does not disclose information about specific user accounts, however any attempt to defraud or scam others is in clear violation of our terms of service and strictly prohibited. We take the safety of our community and the content that is created on our marketplace very seriously, especially as it relates to people’s personal and private information. We have and will always act without delay against this type of behavior in order to keep our marketplace safe.
Fiverr does not withhold funds from sellers. Per our terms of service, sellers will be able to withdraw their funds from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question.

The Big Tech companies of Silicon Valley are extending their campaign of blacklisting and financial warfare well beyond the Conservative movement, as demonstrated by this case.


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