USC Wants Students to View Health Care as a ‘Social Justice’ Issue

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The Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California is seeking to train students to view health care as a “social justice” issue, by developing curriculum that will more effectively ingrain socialist ideology into the minds of its graduate students.

Earlier this month, USC appointed professor Ricky Blumenthal as the associate dean for the brand new “Office for Social Justice.”

The new associate dean is expected to utilize the Office for Social Justice, in large part, for inculcating graduate students with acceptance and advocacy for the enforcement of cradle-to-grave, single-payer health care.

“The fundamental premise of such an office is that all people should receive basic benefits from the ‘institutions of society’ based on justice, fairness, and the advancement of the public good,” states the university’s website.

Blumenthal will first begin with a “Listening Tour,” which he will use to meet with local leaders from the community and university to decide on what will be the prioritized areas of focus.

Second, the associate dean will begin developing curriculum and “opportunities for advocacy” for graduate students that will “explore issues such as how social justice relates to access to health care and fairness in public health policy.”

The University of Southern California is not alone in its coordinated effort among university staff to train students to accept and advocate for socialized medicine. Schools across the country are implementing these same tactics.

The University of Illinois Springfield, for example, is hosting an event to promote “healthcare for all,” as well as “sanctuary healthcare” for illegal immigrants, through the school’s core curriculum, which is mandatory for all undergraduate students to complete.

Universities executing these initiatives arise on the heels of Democrat politicians announcing their bids for president in 2020, alongside their radical assertions that government should ban private health insurance and usurp the health care system once and for all.

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