NewsGuard Labels Breitbart *Merchandise* as Fake News

#NeversocialistUSA Shirt
Breitbart News

NewsGuard, the browser plugin that recently partnered with Microsoft and purports to indicate if news sources are trustworthy or not, is telling Internet users today that the Breitbart Store and its new #NeverSocialist USA shirt are “fake news.”

NewsGuard is a browser plugin and a default extension of the Microsoft Edge mobile browser that is designed to provide Internet users with a “trustworthiness” rating for websites that appear in search engine results. Websites with NewsGuard’s approval receive a “green” rating. Websites with a low “trustworthiness” rating receive a “red” rating. NewsGuard has praised outlets like National Review Online, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, all of which preemptively condemned the innocent Covington High School students. “This website generally maintains basic standards of accuracy and accountability,” the rating reads.

Now, the Breitbart Store — including its newest shirt — is receiving a “red” rating from NewsGuard. The shirt reads “#NeverSocialist USA,” and was created in reference a remark by President Trump during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

NeversocialistUSA Facebook

A Google search for the shirt displays the prominent red NewsGuard “fake news” warning:

NewsGuard calls Breitbart shirt "fake news"

Social media posts linking to the shirt on the Breitbart Store receive the same NewsGuard warning:

NewsGuard shirt warning Twitter

Although NewsGuard’s “untrustworthy” rating on links to the Breitbart Store may scare away some users of the Microsoft-partnered browser plugin, Breitbart News can assure the world that the #Neversocialist USA shirts are real and are flying off the shelves.


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