Oxford University to ‘Overhaul’ Classics Department Because Men Outperform Women

Oli Scarff/Getty

Oxford University announced this week that they will overhaul its classics department because male students are outperforming female students.

According to a report from the Telegraph, Oxford University is set to redesign its Latin and Greek language department because male students are performing at a higher level than female students.

Last year, more than twice as man men than women received the top grade in the classics department. 46.8 percent of male students received the top grade, compared to only 12.5 percent of females. In response to the disparity, the university has announced that the entire department will be overhauled.

Administrators at Oxford believe that the disparity is the product of differences in the way in which male and female students respond to certain teaching styles.

“Instead of reformulating an entire syllabus, the department should take a closer look at how the style of teaching benefits male over female students,” an Oxford student said. “This unsurprisingly relates to the public-school system of teaching that a number of male classics students benefit from, which acts as a jump-start to succeeding at Oxford,” the student added.

Katharine Birbalsingh, an educator in London, condemned the university’s reaction to the gender disparity. “Not enough women getting the top grades so we have to change the course. Is INSANE the new normal?!” Birbalsingh tweeted.

A spokesperson from the university said that the department is currently considering the various ways that they can counter the gender imbalance.

“The Faculty of Classics is setting up a new working group to look at aspects of the Classics Course. The group will be considering a number of issues, including gender imbalances in exam outcomes. No proposals have as yet been made, discussed by the Faculty, or adopted.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on the changes to the classics department at Oxford.


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