Candace Owens at CPAC: The Democrats Are the ‘Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK’

Candace Owens

Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens told an audience at CPAC on Friday that “the truth is on our side as conservatives,” and that truth is all conservatives actually need in order to wake up minority communities to understanding that the Democrat Party is the Party of “slavery, Jim Crow laws, racial terrorism, and the KKK.”

“The truth is that the Left and the Democrats never, ever, ever, ever, want to fix black America, because they stump on our issues year after year,” said Owens to an audience at CPAC on Friday, “If they fix our issues, they would have nothing to stump on or to talk about.”

“Never in a million years did the Left predict Donald J. Trump,” continued Owens, “and I’ll tell you what they also are not predicting. They never predicted a minority awakening. They never thought that they could ever lose the black vote — they’ve taken our vote for granted for so long, but things are starting to change.”

Owens added that the secret to awakening minority communities to conservativism is to “simply tell them the truth.”

“The truth is on our side as conservatives,” affirmed Owens, “Truth number one: America is not a racist country, the people that continue to tell us that have a vested interest in racism.”

“Truth number two: abortion is murder,” continued Owens, “A hard-hitting truth is that the most unsafe place for a black child is not on the streets, it’s not when they see a police [officer], it’s in their mother’s womb.”

“Truth number three: racially motivated police brutality is a myth,” said Owens, “but father absence is not. The number one issue facing black America is that fathers have been removed from the home, is that they’ve been incentivizing father absence.”

Owens added that the single motherhood rate in the black community was only 23 percent in the 1960s, but has since risen to 74 percent. “It’s a problem that the Left does not want to talk about — the destruction and the breakdown of the family.”

“Truth number four,” continued Owens, “There are 3.6 million black children living below the poverty line, there are 4 million Hispanic children that live below the poverty line, and yet Democrats want to put illegals first. I say ‘no thank you. Wall.'”

“How on earth is it possible that a Party that instituted slavery, Jim Crow laws, racial terrorism, and the KKK has the black vote?” said Owens, “How is it possible?”

“We gave up culture. The Right gave up culture, that’s how it’s possible, that’s how the Left was able to do this. [The Right] gave up culture.”

“For the last fifty or sixty years, it seems that we’ve given up influencing pop culture altogether on the Right, and to a certain degree, that’s completely understandable — there isn’t a climate that’s more hostile to conservative principles than the entertainment industry.”

Owens added that Left promotes a culture that tells the black community “we should want to be hip-hop artists and basketball players, when we should want to be doctors and lawyers.”

“We need to stop idolizing people like LeBron James and start idolizing people like Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Dr. Ben Carson.”

“Stop selling us our own oppression,” said Owens, “Stop taking away our self-confidence by telling us that we can’t, because of racism, because of slavery — stop telling us that we need to be obsessing over our past, when we should be obsessing over our future and the potential that we have.”

“It’s amazing how your life can transform if you stop viewing yourself as a victim, and start viewing yourself as a victor.”

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