Second Source Confirms Project Veritas Report on YouTube Meddling in Irish Abortion Referendum Searches

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Another source at Google has corroborated a report from Project Veritas that appears to show that YouTube manually interfered in search results related to the referendum to decriminalize abortion in Ireland, which was won by the pro-abortion side.

The source, a former software engineer at Google, confirmed to Breitbart News that YouTube manually intervened in search results related to the referendum at least one week before the vote in Ireland.

The source said that “120 abortion entries” were added to the search blacklist on May 17, 2018 — seven days before the referendum, which was won by pro-abortion campaigners with a 33 percent victory margin.

The terms “abortion is wrong,” “pro life,” “abortion and the Catholic Church” and “repeal the 8th” were all added to the blacklist on May 17, according to the source.

“Repeal the 8th” refers to the 8th Amendment to the Irish constitution, which previously banned abortion in the Catholic-majority nation.

The source’s testimony lines up with Project Veritas’ recent release of entries from the YouTube search blacklist, which include all of the terms above and more.

The existence of YouTube’s search blacklist, which the Google-owned tech giant uses to control the top search results on politically “controversial” queries, was revealed by a Breitbart News investigation earlier this year.

When YouTube or Google add terms to the list, search results for those terms will only display links to YouTube-approved “verified” sources in the top results.

In addition to abortion-related search results, Breitbart previously revealed that the terms “Maxine Waters” and “David Hogg” are also on the list, and that YouTube altered even more abortion-related search results in response to a complaint from a left-leaning Slate journalist.

Google has not responded to a Breitbart News request for comment.

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