Northeastern University President: Automation Will Kill 50% of Jobs

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Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun argued recently that artificial intelligence and robotics will kill 50 percent of American jobs.

Speaking at an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun offered a bleak outlook on the future of the labor market. According to Aoun’s forecast, which was highlighted this week by The College Fix, 50 percent of jobs could be wiped out by the development of artificial intelligence technology.

Aoun’s prescription for solving this potential crisis? “Every person has to master how to interact with machines,” Aoun said at the event.

“The new literacies of Aoun’s humanics are data literacy, technological literacy, and human literacy,” according to a book by Aoun. “Students will need data literacy to manage the flow of big data, and technological literacy to know how their machines work, but human literacy —the humanities, communication, and design — to function as a human being.”

Northeastern University is unique in that it mandates that students take on a six-to-eight-month long internship that allows them to develop marketable, real-world, skills.

In 2018, Breitbart News reported extensively on Northeastern University Professor Suzanna Danuta Walters over a column she published in the Washington Post entitled “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” The column sparked criticism, which was directed both at the Washington Post and at Northeastern University for their relationship and willingness to support Walters’ radicalism.

Ultimately, the university decided to subtly distance themselves from Walters’ remarks, writing that “the opinions of an individual professor do not reflect the views of the university or its leadership.”

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