University of Florida Encourages Students to ‘Come Out’ as Illegal Aliens

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A new sensitivity training program at the University of Florida encourages students to “come out” as illegal aliens.

A new directive at the University of Florida, which was highlighted in a report this week by Campus Reform, encourages students to publically announce their citizenship status so that they can reapply to the university as international students.

The new program, which is called “Undocupeers,” was designed to educate the University of Florida community about the struggles faced by illegal aliens on campus.

According to the report, a University of Florida official claims that illegal aliens often qualify for in-state tuition rates. “A lot of our students who don’t have a Social Security number might apply as international students, but then, you know, if they’re eligible for that out-of-state tuition waiver [they can get it later in the process],” the official explained.

Ashley Stultz, the president of the University of Florida’s Turning Point USA chapter, argues that it is irresponsible for the university to allocate funds for students that aren’t citizens.

“[Illegal immigrant students] aren’t the only ones who struggle while attending UF,” Stultz said in a brief comment. “The fact of the matter is almost all students face obstacles during their time at UF, but the difference is illegal immigrant students are the architects of their own downfall by choosing to attend UF without gaining legal status and making falsehoods on their applications. Illegal immigrant students aren’t being forced to attend UF, and UF shouldn’t be using resources to compensate for these students’ unfavorable choice to do so.”

Breitbart News reported this week that a University of Florida student was attacked on campus because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

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