Rap Sheet: 30 Instances of Harassment Against Conservative High School Students

MAGA Hat High School Attack

Instances of threats or intimidation against conservative students are becoming commonplace, but while these occurrences are predominately known for taking place on college campuses, they affect high school students as well.

Here is a list of examples of threats or intimidation tactics made against conservative high school students that have been reported since 2016.

This list will be updated as needed. Back-filling it will be an ongoing project. Please contact Breitbart News with any updates or incidents you think deserve to be added to this list.

1. May 29, 2019: Pennsylvania high school blurs out pro-Trump student’s “Make America Great Again” hat in yearbook.

2. May 21, 2019: Utah high school student admits to pepper spraying the inside of a lecture hall in an attempt to prevent Turning Point USA event  — one person hospitalized.

3. April 15, 2019: New Hampshire principal tells high school student to take off MAGA hat, and to cover up Trump t-shirt.

4. March 15, 2018: Minnesota high school student with “Trump” flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout.

5. March 10, 2019: Florida bus aide rips a “MAGA” hat off the head of a 14-year-old student.

6. March 7, 2019: Virginia high school increases security after a questionable video involving a teacher’s assistant and a student with a “MAGA” flag goes viral.

7. March 2, 2019: Arizona high school students punished for wearing “MAGA” clothing on “USA Day.”

8. February 27, 2019: Oklahoma high school student rips “MAGA” hat and Trump banner off another student.

9. February 4, 2019: New Jersey high school student says the National Honor Society rejected him for his pro-Trump views.

10. January 28, 2019: Colorado teacher placed on leave after attempting to dox a Covington Catholic high school student, but chooses the wrong victim.

11. January 22, 2019: Covington Catholic High School closes amid safety concerns involving threats over viral hoax, administrators meet with the Department of Homeland Security.

12. January 20, 2019: Kathy Griffin calls for doxing high school students, “I want NAMES. Shame them.”

13. January 20, 2019: Representative John Yarmuth (D-KY) calls for a ban on teenagers wearing MAGA hats.

14. January 20, 2019: Covington Catholic High School students receive death threats after a viral hoax video goes viral on social media, which garners uncritical and fake news coverage by the mainstream media.

15. December 13, 2018: An 11-year-old student from Delaware changes his last name, which was Trump, to stop harassment at school.

16. August 28, 2018: California high school student steals “MAGA” hat, calls it a “political statement.”

17. March 12, 2018: California high school teacher filmed hitting Trump pinata with students.

18. September 28, 2017: West Virginia school district apologizes for Trump banner at high school football game.

19. September 4, 2017: Georgia teacher compares Trump t-shirts to swastikas, kicks students out of class.

20. May 22, 2017: Iowa school board member resigns after social media post referencing Donald Trump being assassinated.

21. May 15, 2017: Pennsylvania assistant principal screams and curses at pro-life teens.

22. November 29, 2016: Virginia school board member resigns after attacking Trump voters in online rant.

23. November 19, 2016: Texas high school students perform Trump “assassination” skit.

24. November 16, 2016: Maryland high school student wearing Trump hat punched, kicked to the ground.

25. November 11, 2016: Florida high school student charged with battery after punching boy holding Trump sign.

26. November 11, 2016: California Female high school student attacked for supporting Trump.

27. November 10, 2016: Trump-supporting student from California attacked at Woodside High School.

28. November 10, 2016: Florida student punches classmate over Trump sign.

29. November 9, 2016: Texas elementary student says he was attacked for supporting Trump in mock election.

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