Harvard Student Criticizes School’s Discriminatory Admissions Procedure

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Harvard student Kelley Babphavong condemned her university’s discriminatory admissions procedure in an appearance on Fox & Friends this week.

Campus Reform correspondent Kelley Babphavong appeared on Fox News on Thursday to discuss Judge Allison Burroughs’s recent decision in the admissions discrimination case against Harvard University. Burroughs ruled, despite ample evidence, that Harvard does not discriminate against Asian-Americans during its admissions process.

“As an Asian-American student at Harvard, I’m extremely grateful that I got in despite my background. But I am especially fearful for Asian applicants to Harvard in the future,” Babphavong said. “I don’t like that the judge upheld the use of race in this decision. I think it’s extremely telling that she had to recommend implicit bias training to Harvard’s admissions officers.”

Babphavong went after Harvard’s lack of emphasis on intellectual diversity. “It’s not actual diversity. Actual diversity would be economic or ideological slant. But this is only a visual diversity. It’s faux diversity,” Babphavong said during the appearance.

“We should be looking at people’s hard work, their grit, their individualism. We shouldn’t be looping them into different racial groups and assuming homogeneity,” she added.

Despite her light criticisms, Judge Burroughs heaped praise on Harvard in her 130-page decision. In one portion of the decision, Judge Burroughs described the Harvard admissions office as a “very fine admissions program,” going only further to suggest that it only slightly falls short of “perfection.”

“The Court will not dismantle a very fine admissions program that passes constitutional muster, solely because it could do better,” the judge wrote. “There is always the specter of perfection, but strict scrutiny does not require it and a few identified imperfections, after years of litigating and sifting through applications and metrics, do not alone require a finding that Harvard’s admissions program is not narrowly tailored.”

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