NC State Teaching Assistant Compares Conservatism to ‘White Supremacy’

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A teaching assistant at North Carolina State University compared conservativism to “white supremacy” in feedback written on a conservative student’s writing assignment. The TA’s notes on his grading of the student’s work including stating that black Conservative Candace Owens promotes “New Racism.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, NC State Teaching Assistant Christian Alberg doesn’t mind sharing his political views when he is grading student work. One student, Victoria Howell, was criticized by Alberg over her decision to defend conservatism in one of her writing assignments.

In a portion of the assignment, Howell wrote about conservative commentator Candace Owens and her journey to conservatism. In the margins, Alberg accused Owens of promoting “New Racism.”

“Candace Owens has been an ardent supporter of the “New Racism” described in class…While this does not justify her being cursed at and having items thrown at her, it is logical for people in her racial group to distance themselves from her and disavow her actions,” Alberg wrote in red pen.

Alberg littered Howell’s assignment with comments that condemned her views. “Conservatism has white supremacist traits and supports the ideology of white supremacy,” Alberg wrote in another comment.

Howell argues that her experience with Alberg is an example of how difficult it can be to be a conservative student on a college campus. Howell hopes that her experience will inspire other conservative students to speak up for their beliefs on campus.

“I don’t think many people truly understand just how bad it is to be in college as a conservative student,” Howell said in a short comment to Campus Reform. “Many conservative students won’t speak out or speak up about these issues because they know that they can be graded poorly for doing so or even physically or verbally harassed if they do. I’ve even had students talk to me after class to tell me they support me and my opposition to the comments and remarks my professor has made, they just don’t have the guts to do it themselves because they’re concerned for their grade.”

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