MIT Promotes Professor That Wants to Abolish ‘Racist’ Citizenship System

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

MIT is promoting the ideas of a professor that wants to abolish the concept of citizenship, which he claims is “racist” and “breeds intolerance.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, MIT is promoting a former Princeton professor that believes citizenship is a “racist” concept that should be abolished.

The professor, Dimitry Kochenov of the Netherlands, argues that “citizenship has traditionally been a truly racist concept” and that it “breeds intolerance.” Kochenov was interviewed by The MIT Press Reader for a report titled “The ‘Dark Side’ of Citizenship.”

Kochenov argued during the interview that citizenship is a “legal fiction” and an “absolute abstraction” that is “distributed purely at random.”

This world, the world of nation-states, is quite new and will obviously not last forever. One of my main problems with citizenship, as I try to explain in the book, is that the idea of citizenship goes radically against all the core ideals our current notion of freedom, liberty and deserving are building upon. That this is the case had great reasons in the past. Citizenship as an absolute abstraction from the individual features of the bearer had to emerge when the core struggle was the struggle against caste systems in society: The vote of a baron had to count the same way as the vote of a peasant. The contemporary world, however, is radically different. The legal fiction — the absolute abstraction — which is citizenship has a difficult time when discrepancies between different citizenships in terms of the rights one can enjoy on the basis of these statuses are huge, while the status of citizenship as such is distributed purely at random.

Breitbart News reported in September that the MIT Media Lab had solicited donations from sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


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