Logan University Instructor: I Was Fired for Criticizing Social Justice Play

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AFP Contributor

Orthodox Christian Priest Steven Salaris claims he was fired from his position as a physiology instructor at Logan University over his decision to criticize a “social justice” initiative that was presented in the form of a campus play.

Logan University, a chiropractic and health sciences institute in Chesterfield, Missouri, terminated instructor Steven Salaris, a move he claims is based on his criticism of the prevailing narratives on “social justice” and “diversity.” According to a report by The College Fix, Salaris, who is also an Orthodox Christian priest, was fired from Logan University after he ridiculed a campus play that was written to promote “social justice” values.

The play, titled Defamation, was written by Todd Logan to address “social justice” topics like discrimination and representation. During one scene in the play, one character is accused of being racist because he belongs to a country club.

In a Facebook post, Salaris describes why Logan University decided to fire him from his position. Salaris claims that he was fired from the university over his decision to fight against the “divisive and exclusive agenda” that is spread by those that claim to be in favor of “social justice.”

For the first time in my life, I was fired from my job, told to turn in my keys and parking permit, and collect my things. I was then escorted off campus by security. My high crime and misdemeanor: I posted (with criticism) the e-mail from the university president about the interactive “Diversity and Inclusion” play next trimester. I was fired because I commented against what I feel is ultimately a divisive and exclusive agenda that is toxic to higher education. Normally, my FB feed is private, but I left that posting public. There is a tiny group of students who hate me and who spy on my social media looking for dirt. Well, they took the bait. Now 190+ students in Physiology I and II have no professor to finish out the next 8 days left in the trimester. I feel bad for my students; they didn’t deserve this. The administration screwed them, not me.

This isn’t the first time that an academic has been chastised for refusing to toe the progressive line on campus. Breitbart News reported this week that a professor at UC Davis has faced calls for her termination after she published an essay in which she criticized mandatory “diversity” statements that new professors at asked to sign prior to their hiring.


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