Notre Dame Faculty and Students Call for Reparations

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Students and professors at the University of Notre Dame held an event on Wednesday night to discuss the creation of a reparations fund for black and Native American communities.

According to a report by The College Fix, the University of Notre Dame is beginning to discuss the possibility of paying reparations for black and Native American communities.

An event called “Reparations and Reconciliation at Notre Dame: Opening and Framing the Discussion” was held on Wednesday night. The event featured both students and faculty speakers. Student Savanna Morgan, one of the event’s panelists, argued that reparations are necessary because institutions like the University of Notre Dame have exploited minority communities.

“We must acknowledge how white institutions contribute to black disadvantage and commit to the appropriate remedies,” Morgan said during the event.

Morgan claimed that the University of Notre Dame treats white students better than minority students. She went as far as to claim that minority students are not “prioritized” in the classroom.

“Everything at this school is extremely white,” Morgan argued. “We fail to address preferential treatment of white people and white things…black and brown voices are not equally prioritized in the classroom or the dorm.”

University of Notre Dame Senior Angelle Henderson, who attended the event, argued that the university fails to treat minority students with respect.

“This university, time and time again, has shown us that they personally do not care about black and brown people, even the ones who specifically go here,”

Breitbart News reported in November that Georgetown University established a $400,000 fund that will be donated over time to the descendants of 272 slaves that were once owned by the university.

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