Vassar College Workshop: ‘All White People Are Racist’

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Students that attended a recent workshop at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, were reportedly told that “all white people are racist.” The popular “Undoing Racism” workshop has been offered at dozens of universities around the country since its introduction in 2010.

According to a report by The College Fix, a workshop at Vassar College on racism promoted some radical ideas to student attendees. The workshop, which was entitled “Undoing Racism,” has been held on college campuses around the country.

The workshop focuses on topics such as “systematic racism” and “institutional oppression,” teaching students that racism is woven into the fabric of American society.

An op-ed published in the Vassar College student newspaper described the conversations that took place during the workshop. The workshop leaders highlighted specific ways in which they believe American society is racist.

We looked into each other’s souls as we discussed hardships and shared truths. For some spotting racism is easy, while for others it comes to light that racism is not always this blatant use of the n-word or making someone sit in the back of the bus. It’s oppression. It’s a lack of opportunities. Racism is thinking you are being progressive by allowing a Black child into your predominantly white school, but not wanting your white child to attend a predominantly Black school.

At one point the workshop leaders allegedly told students that “all white people are racist.”

Interestingly, the instructors did not focus on the possibility of dismantling race in an attempt to establish equality. PISAB defines racism as ‘racial prejudice + power.’ With this in mind, there were no interjections when the instructors stated, ‘All white people are racist.’ Sitting in this imperfect circle, each participant motionless in their seats, the words reverberate around the room. Can this controversial statement initiate the beginning of change?

“Undoing Racism” workshops have been taking place on American college campuses since 2010. Organizers of the workshop claim that their program is not a workshop on racism but rather a “social movement” that teaches students how to analyze the “structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity.”


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