60 Conservative Organizations Call on Facebook to Scrap ‘Oversight Board’

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A coalition of 60 conservative organizations and publishers led by Media Research Center founder L. Brent Brozell III has called on Facebook to scrap its politically skewed “oversight board” if it is unable to provide an adequate balance of political viewpoints.

The board, known colloquially as the “Facebook Supreme Court,” will have the power to overturn acts of censorship by Facebook. However, its membership is packed with progressive and left-wing figures, including a Soros-funded activist, the former editor-in-chief of the Guardian, and a left-wing academic who once praised an article comparing  Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The conservative organizations, which include Media Research Center, the American Spectator, ACT for America, the Eagle Forum, and many others, have issued a statement calling on Facebook to scrap the oversight board altogether.

“Conservatives warned from the start that any new oversight mechanism was fraught with danger. Our fears were well founded. This new board will damage Facebook more than it can imagine.”

“We had cautioned that the oversight would be too international and unable or unwilling to embrace America’s 1st Amendment ideals of free speech, while embracing an internationalist construct pleasing to the radical left and likely to make Facebook’s restrictive content policies even worse.”

“And that’s precisely what the company delivered. The new Oversight Board announced itself with a New York Times op-ed from the four co-chairs. Only one of the four, Stanford Law School Prof. Michael McConnell, is at all conservative. And not as strong as many would like.”

The statement goes on to draw attention to the board’s leftist members, including a former aide to Sen. Kamala Harriss (D-CA), who worked for the Democrat senator during the Kavanaugh hearings, a pro-abortion activist and leftist academic, numerous anti-Trump individuals, and three people who have documented ties to leftist billionaire George Soros.

“And so we offer this opinion of the proposed Oversight Board,” concludes the statement. “When you announce your next 20 members, ensure that they will balance out the aggressively leftist tilt of this new venture your company has taken. Better yet: Get rid of the whole thing.”

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