Poll: Majority of Students Say Their University Has Not Justified High Tuition

Oli Scarff/Getty

A new poll revealed that 31 percent of British students believed that their college education in 2020 was a poor value for the money. A majority of students claimed that their university had not properly justified the cost of tuition.

According to a report by the BBC, an increasing percentage of college students believe that their college education is a poor value for their money.

31 percent of British college students polled by the Higher Education Policy Institute said that their college education was a poor value. Last year, 29 percent of respondents in the same poll said that their education was a poor value.

“Because of strikes and coronavirus there has been a massive gap in my learning,” one student respondent said.

The poll found that students were most concerned with rising tuition costs. Only a quarter of students said that they felt that their universities had properly justified the price of tuition.

Many recent polls have reflected a decreased satisfaction with higher education around the globe.

Breitbart News reported in April on another poll that revealed that 77 percent of American college students believe that the quality of their education dropped when courses moved online in March at the outset of the Chinese virus pandemic.

The same poll also revealed that 51 percent of college students were experiencing “mental health distress” as a result of the coronavirus.

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