Facebook Insider Ryan Hartwig: The Company Allowed Users to Demonize Whites, Men, Cops

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Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig, who lifted the lid on Facebook’s pattern of bias and censorship against conservatives in a series of videos for Project Veritas, joined Rebecca Mansour and John Hayward on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Tonight on Thursday.

Hartwig worked for a third-party company, Cognizant, that performs services including content moderation for Facebook. As Hartwig explains in the interview, he himself worked as a content moderator since 2018.

Hartwig revealed that Facebook’s content moderation policies became more biased during his two years at the company, with exceptions in Facebook policy being made for left-wing users who use the platform to demonize the police or white males.

“There’s definitely a lot of bias, [and] it wasn’t just the content moderators, it’s the policy itself that’s biased and rigged against conservatives.”

“Just a quick example … if you’re attacking someone, you can call someone a ‘Trump-humper’ but you can’t call them a ‘feminazi,’ so words and phrases that are usually tied to left-wing people, you can’t call them that.”

“Even if I report that [anti-conservative] post, it would still stay on the platform.”

“During pride month of June 2018 … they said, we’re making an exception to policy. Now normally in the hate speech policy you can’t attack anyone because of their gender entities, but they said hey, during pride month it’s okay to attack straight white males and call them ‘filth’ if it’s in the context of attacking them for not supporting LGBT.”

“It extended [to] other policies as well… Fairly recently, towards the end of my tenure there, they said it’s not a violation to call someone ‘white trash’ when before it was. So they modified the policy. Same thing goes with calling cops ‘pigs’ … they specifically said in their guidance to us that that would now be allowed.”

“It came from the top. The policy was shaped by left-wing individuals who were seeking to influence the discourse and also influence the election.”

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