Report: Northwestern U. Students Damage Property During Clash with Police

Abolish the Police Oakland (Natasha Moustache / Getty)
Natasha Moustache / Getty

150 students from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, engaged in a violent clash with police officers over the weekend during a protest event designed to highlight their efforts to abolish the university’s police department. The protesters reportedly hurled bricks and fireworks at members of the Evanston police department.

According to a local news report, approximately 150 students from Northwestern led a violent protest that resulted in significant property damage over the weekend. The protests were organized by a student group called “NU Community Not Cops” that believes that Northwestern University should abolish its police department.

Evanston police arrived at the scene of the protest in riot gear. Protesters reported threw bricks at the officers and shined lasers into their eyes. Others reportedly threw fireworks at the officers. Despite the reports, the Northwestern University Graduate Workers group argued in a statement that the police initiated the violence against the protesters.

“We unequivocally condemn the police brutality on display last night. Last night proved once again that it is heavily armed, militarized police who create and escalate violence. As NU Community not Cops has long argued, and as we unfortunately saw on display last evening, the police do not, and never will, keep us safe,” the student group said.

In a statement, Northwestern reaffirmed its commitment to free speech but condemned those students that chose to engage in violence.

As we have stated before, Northwestern strongly supports the free expression of ideas and vigorous debate, abiding principles that are fundamental to our University. Northwestern protects the right to protest, but we do not condone breaking the law. Should members of the Northwestern community be found in violation of University policies, state or federal laws, they will be held accountable through our processes.

Northwestern University lists its annual tuition as $79,342. This figure includes the total cost of attendance, factoring in housing costs, and other expenses.

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