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Northwestern U. Fines Protesters Who Disrupted Jeff Sessions Speech

Northwestern University has fined several students $125 for their participation in a protest effort against Jeff Sessions back in November. The students were cited with disorderly conduct after they disrupted the event by shouting. The university claimed that some protesters pushed and kicked police officers as they were removed from the event.

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Northwestern University Hoists Black Lives Matter Flag

Northwestern University raised a Black Lives Matter flag over the school’s center this week ahead of a two-week program on race relations and the African-American experience in the United States.Danielle Harris, a communications major at Northwestern, said the decision to fly

Black Lives Matter Banner

Campus Radicals at Northwestern Block Appointment of 3-Star General

“Anti-American liberal lunatics have taken over this campus,” Kyle Smith writes at the New York Post about Northwestern University, where the appointment of General Karl Eikenberry to head a new global studies institute was blocked because, in essence, military veterans are too American for campus radicals.

Karl Eikenberry