Republican Activist Gavin Wax Censored by Twitter for Attacking Antifa

young man as ultra and radical anarchist rioter . furious antifa protester in face mask throwing brick hostile on street on demonstration in violet riot and chaos
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The president of the New York Young Republicans club, Gavin Wax, was censored by Twitter for saying that members of the violent, far-left Antifa movement should be in jail while critiquing the attorney general for inaction on the issue.

“I’m so fucking mad,” said Wax. “Every antifa member should be fucking rounded up and thrown in federal prison. Where the fuck is AG Barr that useless twat.”

Wax linked to a video of a Trump supporter being punched, pushed to the ground, and kicked in the head by Antifa during a rally in Washington DC.

According to a screenshot posted by Claremont Institute fellow Matthew Tyrmand, Wax was subsequently told by Twitter that the tweet violated the platform’s rules against “abuse and harassment,” and that his account had been limited as a result.

A man who described himself as “100% ANTIFA” was responsible for the murder of a Trump supporter, Aaron Danielson, in Portland, OR this summer. Supporters of the Antifa movement later paid homage to the killer.

In Vancouver, Washington, members of the movement terrorized suburban residents in their homes.

The extremist ideology is also international — German police are currently investigating Antifa for attempted murder after its supporters attacked participants of an anti-lockdown protest in Leipzig. German police have set up a special task force to counter far-left extremists.

Attorney general Bill Barr has said the Antifa movement is responsible for acts of domestic terrorism in the United States, and FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed earlier this year that the bureau is conducting “quite a number of investigations” into individuals and groups linked to the ideology.

Breitbart News has reached out to Twitter for comment.

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