Apple Execs Discussed ‘Punitive Measures’ Against Netflix for Dropping In-App Purchases

Tim Cook CEO of Apple laughing
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According to recently released court documents, the tech giant Apple considered taking “punitive measures” against Netflix after the streaming service disabled in-app purchases in its iOS app.

As Apple faces continued scrutiny over its App Store and 30 percent commission fee, more details have been revealed about how the company treats developers attempting to circumvent its payment system.

MacRumors reports that as the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple continues into its third day, various internal Apple documents and communications have been brought to light, providing insight into how the company deals with app developers.

In December 2108, Netflix stopped offering in-app subscription options for users, requiring them to sign up for the service outside of the App Store to avoid paying Apple’s 30 percent commission fee. Internal documents have revealed that Apple executives were angered by this decision and made attempts to convince Netflix to re-enable in-app purchases.

Apple’s ‌App Store‌ Business Management Director Carson Oliver sent an email in February 2018 outlining Netflix’s plans and asked his fellow executives whether Apple should take “punitive measures” against Netflix. Oliver stated:

Do we want to take any punitive measures in response to the test (for examples, pulling all global featuring during the test period)? If so, how should those punitive measures be communicated to Netflix? (sic)

The emails did not clarify whether Apple did take steps to limit features during Netflix’s testing, but Netflix did proceed with the A/B test and found it promising. Before Netflix disabled in-app purchase options, Apple reportedly designed an entire presentation to persuade Netflix to continue offering in-app subscription signups.

The Epic Games v. Apple trial is expected to last approximately three weeks in total, with Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives set to testify in the coming weeks.

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