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Judge Criticizes Apple’s ‘Decisions Without Data’ in App Store Changes

Recent testimony in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Fortnite developer Epic Games has revealed that major app developers have not embraced Apple’s new outside payment options earlier this year, citing high fees and a lack of meaningful changes. The judge in the case criticized Apple’s new policies, saying, “I’m looking for data and it sounds like you all made lots of decisions without data.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook waves as he arrives for the Economic Summit held for the China Developm

Epic Games CEO Says ‘Every Politician Should Fear’ Apple’s Power

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney recently stated that he’s willing to go to the Supreme Court to fight Apple’s control of the App Store, but hopes Congress steps in first. Commenting on the massive power shared by Google and Apple over apps, Sweeney said, “It’s incredibly dangerous to let the world’s most powerful corporation decide who can say what.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook waves as he arrives for the Economic Summit held for the China Developm

Playing Nice: Apple Will Let Developers Tell Customers About Alternative Payment Methods in Major Policy Shift

Apple has reportedly agreed to allow app developers to contact users to inform them about alternative payment options outside of the Apple app store ecosystem, marking a serious departure from the company’s previous policies. Apple takes up to 30 percent of revenues from developers for all purchases made within the app store, and is embroiled in a major lawsuit with Fortnite developer Epic Games over developers’ right to deal with customers directly.

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Judge in Apple-Epic Case Hints at App Store Compromise

The judge overseeing the trial between Epic Games and Apple has reportedly hinted at a compromise that could satisfy at least some of the game developer’s concerns with Apple’s monopoly over in-app purchases made with iPhones and other iOS devices.

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The Legal War Between Apple and Epic Games Is Heating Up

Apple and Epic Games are currently engaged in an intense legal battle related to App Store fees and Apple’s ban on third-party payment processors. The arguments each company plan to present in court are becoming clearer as their showdown in court approaches.

Apple CEO Tim Cook waves as he arrives for the Economic Summit held for the China Developm

Apple Developer: App Store Security Is Like Bringing ‘Plastic Butter Knife to a Gunfight’

According to recently released legal documents, a senior Apple engineer compared the company’s App Store defenses against malicious actors to be like “bringing a plastic butter knight to a gunfight.” The senior employee also described the company’s review process for new apps as “more like the pretty lady who greets you… at the Hawaiian airport than the drug-sniffing dog.”

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