Oregon State U. Drag Show with Kids in Attendance Featured ‘T*tty Weight Lifting’

Oregon State drag show
Campus Reform/YouTube

Oregon State University hosted a drag show last week that was reportedly attended by underage children. The event included a demonstration called “titty weight lifting,” which featured a female performer lifting weights with bare breasts exposed.

The June 2 event, dubbed, “Illegal Drag Show,” was hosted by a student-fee-funded campus LGBT group called Rainbow Continuum, according to a report by Campus Reform.

“The show consisted of extremely explicit sexual content including sexually provocative performances by men and women in drag and costumes,” Rebecca Lang, Students for Life President at Oregon State, told the outlet, adding that minors were present at the show.

Additionally, multiple eyewitness sources told Campus Reform that at least four small children were present during the entire drag show. Lang noted that there were “two [children] who were so small, two adults had to sit them on their laps so they could see.”

Footage obtained by the outlet shows that one performer, who appeared to be a biological woman, had completely stripped off all of her upper body clothing, making it so that her breasts were fully exposed in front of audience members.

The performer is then seen attempting to hold various objects under her breasts, including a wooden sword and a “five pound” weight. Footage also shows the woman bringing out a ladder for a stunt dubbed “titty weight lifting.”

Additional footage shows a drag queen leading a child onto the stage. The child is then interviewed in front of a cheering audience, and eventually answers a question by stating, “He’s a full grown man.”

The children were present “without a content warning, or regard for their innocence or age,” Lang told Campus Reform.

Lang added that the children “were subjected to a sexual display that included not only references but physical moves and sexually explicit dances by both biological men and women, and extreme nudity as well.”

The drag show also openly encouraged LGBT members to “Be Gay. Do Crime,” and social media posts advertised the event to “all ages,” adding that it would contain “adult themes,” Campus Reform reported.

“The time has come for our Spring 2023 Drag Show: ILLEGAL!!! Queer people across the nation are under legislative attack, but we will NOT let them stop our partying!” one social media post read.

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