Google’s YouTube Censors Steven Crowder After He Posts Transgender Nashville Shooter’s Writings

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google ( Carsten Koall /Getty)
Carsten Koall /Getty

Conservative talk show host and pundit Steven Crowder said he was censored by Google-owned video platform YouTube after releasing transgender Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s writings, which have been confirmed as authentic by the Nashville police.

“We wanted to let you know our team reviewed your content, and we think it violates our violent criminal organizations policy,” YouTube said in a message to Crowder. In response, Crowder posted to X/Twitter “Wait until you see what we have in store for tomorrow.”  Crowder also commented that the upcoming content would be exclusive to his Rumble channel.

“We know you may not have realized this was a violation of our policies, so we’re not applying a strike to you channel,” YouTube continued, adding that the platform had removed Crowder’s video, titled, “LWC EXCLUSIVE: Nashville School Shooter Manifesto Leaked!”

The video remains posted on YouTube alternative Rumble:

“We realize this may be disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all,” Google’s YouTube stated in its message to the conservative commentator.

On Monday, Crowder released purported copies of Hale’s notes, in which she referred to her victims as “crackers” and “faggots” who had “white privilege,” among other things, before committing a school shooting at Covenant School in Nashville earlier this year.

“Steven Crowder has done Americans a service. Not just because he has published the Nashville killer’s manifesto of anti-white racist hate, but more importantly has exposed the stranglehold that Google (surprise, surprise) has on the truth,” actor James Woods reacted.

“YouTube’s censorship of conservative voices has now rendered it as worthless as FaceBook,” the Vampires star added. “Oh, and of course, one does wonder why our own government hides information from us as well, all based on politics naturally.”

Donald Trump Jr. also reacted to YouTube’s censorship of the manifesto, writing, “Why is our government, the mainstream media, and especially big tech going so far out of their way to hide and censor the facts of the Trans Terrorist Shooters manifesto?”

“In terms of per capita violence the radical trans movement is clearly one of the most radicalized violent emerging groups in our country, yet they are protected at all costs,” he added. “If only concerned, mothers at PTA meetings, & practicing Catholics were given that same benefit of the doubt by our FBI and DOJ who Sean them to be terrorists.”

Google’s censorship of Crowder’s YouTube video follows similar censorship by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

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