Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Members Admit Murder, Kidnapping, and Drug Trafficking Plans

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Members Admit Murder, Kidnapping, and Drug Trafficking Plans

Two admitted members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABTX) recently pled guilty to racketeering charges related to their gang membership, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). 

Specifically, Kelley Ray Elley of Austin and Jamie Grant Loveall, “Dutch,” of Houston both pled guilty on May 1 to one count of conspiracy to participate in racketeering activity.

Court documents state that both individuals agreed to commit murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking for the benefit of the ABTX. They apparently met with other gang members on a regular basis in Texas to talk about “business,” which included violence against other gangs and even against fellow members in the ABTX. At the meetings, dues were also allegedly collected. 

According to the DOJ, both Loveall and Elley will be sentenced in October. They could each spend life behind bars. 24 other ABTX defendants have reportedly plead guilty in addition to the pair. 

The ABTX, which was established in the Texas prison system in the late 1960s, allegedly enforces rules and discipline among members through threats of robbery, violence, and murder. Members supposedly commit wrongdoing when they do not follow “direct orders” from high-ranking ABTX members.

A massive indictment, naming 36 ABTX-related suspects, was obtained by Breitbart Texas. It stated, “The ABT was a violent ‘whites only’ prison-gang with thousands of members operating inside and outside of state and federal penal institutions throughout Texas and the United States…The ABT had a detailed and uniform organizational structure, which is outlined-along with various rules, procedures, and codes of conduct-in a written ‘Constitution’ widely distributed throughout Texas and elsewhere.”

While the gang initially developed with the intent to protect white inmates in the prison system, over time the group has primarily become involved in illegal activities for money. In fact, as Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby reported in the past, declassified FBI documents and prior incidents suggest the group is no longer solely motivated by race. Rather, the ABTX is heavily involved in drug trafficking in conjunction with Mexican cartels and other transnational criminal organizations–profit seems to be a higher incentive than racial motivations.

More than 150 pages of the now-declassified FBI internal documents provide strong evidence that the ABTX has a long history of working with Mexican cartels.

ABtx Indictment by BreitbartTexas

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