Mexican Government Taking Credit for Cartel Boss Caught in Texas

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MCALLEN, Texas – The Tamaulipas government has taken credit for the capture of a high ranking Gulf cartel commander caught in Texas, claiming his capture along with 12 other top capos was part of the Mexican Government’s new security strategy for Tamaulipas.

What the Tamaulipas government forgot to mention is that one of  those top prizes was not caught in Mexico, but was actually caught in Edinburg, Texas by U.S. federal agencies.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, Mexican officials have been great at claiming their security strategy is successful; however, crime continues to run rampant in the border areas.

In a recent news release, the Tamaulipas government listed the 13 cartel bosses as those caught under the Mexican Government’s sew security strategy for Tamaulipas, which kicked off last May. The Tamaulipas government stated that those 13 detained capos as well as a man named Angel Eduardo “Orejon or Ciclon7” Prado Rodriguez, who is still at large, had all been responsible for the violence in the area.

The list includes #6 Juan Francisco “El Panochitas” Tamez, a man who they identify as part of the Gulf cartel. He was in fact one of the heirs to the criminal organizations, not just simply a commander.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, Tamez was actually arrested in Edinburg, Texas during a large raid by DEA agents with help from Edinburg Police and several other agencies. Since his arrest, Tamez ended up pleading guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering charges in Beaumont, Texas. These charges stemmed from a multi-count indictment filed in that city. He remains in federal custody.

In the past, the Mexican government has tried to minimize the escalating violence just south of the border where almost daily shootouts, executions, kidnappings and extortions occur. The Mexican government continues to falsely claim that security conditions are improving, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.

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