Gulf Cartel

Se Enfrentan Sicarios y Policías en Ciudad Fronteriza Mexicana

El caos se extendió en una ciudad fronteriza mexicana cuando un grupo de sicarios del Cártel del Golfo se enfrentó a las fuerzas policiales estatales. La mayoría de los pistoleros lograron escapar, sin embargo las autoridades lograron detener a dos de ellos e incautaron dos vehículos y armas.

Matamoros Shooting (4)

Texas Border City Gun Store Owner Accused of Selling Ammunition Bound for Mexico

The owner of a popular gun store and a pawn shop in South Texas faces federal charges for allegedly selling thousands of ammunition rounds to Mexican nationals illegally in the U.S. While court documents do not specify it, it is common knowledge in the area that the bulk of illegal ammunition sold in the region is smuggled into Reynosa or Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to supply the Gulf Cartel.

A magazine with newly manufactured 5.56mm cartridges is seen at Stone Hart manufacturing, Co. April 9, 2009 in Miami, Florida. Ammunition suppliers nationwide are reporting a shortage due in part to a sharp rise in gun sales after the election of President Obama that are said to be fueled by …

EXCLUSIVE: Family of Incoming Border-State Governor in Mexico Allegedly Profited from Gulf Cartel

The immediate family of an incoming Mexican border-state governor allegedly has a long history of profiting from the Gulf Cartel, a series of documents obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed. The parents of the politician allegedly embezzled properties and money from a captured top boss and are currently under investigation for the use of shell companies to hide funds.

Nuevo Leon Governor

Gulf Cartel Boss Behind Mass Graves Sent to Prison in Mexico

A former top-ranking leader with the Gulf Cartel responsible for a series of mass murders, clandestine gravesites, incinerations sites, and other gory methods of disposing of humans has been sentenced to more than 11 years in a Mexican prison. The cartel boss spent time in a U.S. prison in his early years and is known for an incident where he began crying in front of a judge.

Reynosa Mass grave

Shootouts, Armed Robberies Plague Border City in Mexico

Shootouts, carjackings, armed robberies, and other violent crimes plague the Mexican border city of Reynosa as two rival factions of the Gulf Cartel fight for control. The violence in the region continues despite claims by government officials of a decrease in crime.

Reynosa Main

Watch: Fierce Cartel Gun Battle Rocks Mexican Border City near Texas

A fierce cartel shootout rocked a Mexican border city as gunmen fired hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The attack is the most recent clash between cartels battling over control of lucrative smuggling routes into Texas. The clash took place just hours before a cartel smuggler in Texas ran thru a border checkpoint as he tried to escape authorities by fleeing to Mexico.

Miguel Aleman

Cartel-Linked Kidnappers Kill Businessman in Mexican Border City

A group of Gulf Cartel-linked kidnappers killed a local businessman they kidnapped this month. The move comes at a time when the criminal organization has been linked to a wave of fear that continues to sweep through the border city of Matamoros as numerous kidnapping and extortion cases go unreported.

Matamoros Kidnapping

Tráiler con 71 Migrantes Detenido en Ruta a la Frontera de Texas

Traficantes de personas pusieron a 71 migrantes, incluyendo a un niño de dos años de edad, en la caja de tráiler en un intento de llegar a la frontera con Texas. El conductor del vehículo, que aparentemente está relacionado con el Cártel del Golfo de México, se paso  un puesto de control policial en el estado fronterizo de Nuevo León e incluso peleó con la policía mientras intentaba escapar.

Nuevo Leon Smuggling