Five Texas Volunteer Firefighters Arrested for Using Sausage to Sexually Assault Man in Video

Waxahachie VFD
Ellis County Sheriff's Office Mugshots

Lana ShadwickFive male volunteer firefighters from Waxahachie, Texas have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a new recruit with a chorizo sausage. Affidavits state the man said the firefighters initially tried to assault him with a broom stick. The event was videotaped and according to WFAA-TV, an affidavit states the video shows the firefighters “yelling and laughing with excitement.” The television station reported that the Texas Rangers are calling it a hazing incident.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the arrest warrant states that three of the men bent the victim over a sofa, took off his pants, and sexually assaulted him. WFAA-TV reported that when the firefighters let him go, he went into the bathroom and vomited. The men also stole his clothes when he went to clean-up and take a shower.

The Texas Rangers conducted an investigation but the investigation is ongoing.

The firefighters have been charged with sexual assaulting a new recruit at the Emergency Service District Number 6 Volunteer Fire Department in Waxahachie. According to the Texas Rangers, the incident is alleged to have occurred on January 20th. The victim waited months, until March 31st, to file a report against the firefighters.

Firefighters Casey Stafford (30), Preston Peyrot (19), Alec Miller (28), Keith Wisakowsky (26), and Blake Tucker (19), were arrested and charged late Monday or early Tuesday with Aggravated Sexual Assault.

Another individual who is not a firefighter, Brittany Parten (23), was also arrested for using her cell phone to record the incident. She was charged with Improper Photography or Visual Recording.

Bond was set for each person arrested at $75,000.

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