Cartel Smuggler Speeds Through Texas School Zones to Elude Capture

Hidalgo County Sheriffs
HIdalgo County Sheriffs Office

McALLEN, Texas, — An illegal alien tried to ram a police vehicle and place dozens of children at risk as he sped through various school zones in an effort to elude capture, authorities said.

Federal authorities have arrested and charged Johnny Alexander Ramos Osorio, an illegal immigrant from Honduras in connection with his role with a human smuggling organization. Authorities found 15 illegal immigrants inside a stash house under Ramos Osorio’s control. Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed the details of the high speed chase in the latest wave of human smuggling and trafficking operations that have pushed the flow of illegal immigrants to record levels.

In mid-October, federal agents received intelligence about a possible stash house being used by human smuggling organization operating in south Texas. The agents set up a surveillance operation on the location in order to identify the way the organization worked. Breitbart Texas has reported in the past that all of the human smuggling and trafficking taking place in the Rio Grande Valley is controlled by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel.

Last week, the agents carrying out surveillance at the alleged stash house spotted a white pickup driven by Ramos Osorio and saw a second vehicle drive up to the house to pick up a small group of illegal immigrants enter the house, court documents revealed.

Deputies with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office tried to stop the black pickup as it was leaving the house but were not successful. Deputy constables with Hidalgo County then tried to stop the white pickup that Ramos Osorio had been driving when he left the house.

Instead of stopping, Ramos Osorio drove off at a high rate of speed. In his effort to flee, the suspect drove straight at a stopped police vehicle and also drove at a high rate of speed through two school zones. According to authorities, the chase took place at a time when children were being dismissed from school. Agents were able to use a tire deflation device, but Ramos Osorio refused to stop and continued the chase with a flat tire. Eventually the suspect from Honduras stopped and tried to run away but U.S. Border Patrol agents caught up with him immediately.

Once in custody, Ramos Osorio told authorities that he was in the country illegally and confirmed that 15 illegal immigrants were hiding in the house. During questioning, the man told agents that he was taking care of the human stash house in order to pay of his own smuggling to Houston. Ramos Osorio said he had tried to ram the police vehicle in an effort to scare off authorities.

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