'Health Care' Summit/Photo Op Overnight Thread: So How'd He Do?

You know you’ve just had a bad day when the apostle of Washington Conventional Wisdom, David “Teddy Kennedy’s seat” Gergen puts on his serious mien (does he have any other?) and pronounces upon the weighty matters of the day.

[youtube 4y70VVj6tuU&feature nolink]

Yes, when Gergen speaks, people not only listen — they’ve already heard it all before! In fact, it’s what everybody else is already thinking! By the time it gets to Gergen’s lips, God long ago changed the channel to re-runs of Happy Days.

So what do you think? How did POTUS do, sans TOTUS — commanding college professor (okay, “senior lecturer”) or tongue-tied, smirking, classless community organizer? Mr. Smile and a Shoeshine, or an anxious, cantankerous former wonder boy/palooka who can’t figure out why this particular fight wasn’t properly fixed by David “Jake Lingle” Axelrod, like all his others? A strike, or a gutter ball?


And what about the Republicans? Spineless, craven cowards or forceful members of the loyal opposition? Are Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor rising stars in the conservative movement or just more soon-to-be-coopted Rotary Club members-in-waiting?

And has this guy been right all along?

[youtube x59wNGHe6iI nolink]

Let’s have your thoughts.


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