Farewell To the Legalized, Government-Supported Mafia Known as ACORN


If all goes as planned, on April 1, America will wave farewell to a very large and overtly corrupt organization. News came out yesterday that ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – is shutting down on April Fool’s Day. Irony? Maybe.

ACORN has been so tainted by its inexcusable behavior over the years that it has no other choice but to close up shop. They were essentially a legalized, and government supported, mafia; bullying their way to power, crippling the very people they claim to work for.

frank costello

Let me tell you something: If you know what is right, if you know what is pure, and if you can but for a second imagine attaining and sharing those things, then you must will all your power seek it out. If you do not, then the memory of that moment you imagined will forever itch inside your head and ache inside your heart until you are ruled by fear and tormented by regret.

That was the feeling I had carrying out the ACORN project, that’s what has kept me functionally sane during the aftermath of the video releases, and that is what drives me forward. You’ve seen the product of the actions taken by James O’Keefe and me last summer. Its time more people with a hunger for righteousness began, as Robert Greene said, exploiting “the chaos of the world instead of succumbing to it.”


We live in a quick cruel world that demands we bolt out of dreamland and wipe nostalgia’s sweet kisses away. Principles and beliefs are ageless only so long as those who possess them see to it they are not forgotten. Societies will always tend towards all things bad if the powers-at-be do not lead wisely and are not held accountable by the people.

The future is a blank canvas, a giant glowing question mark held in place by eternity. This is something that would send most people into a tailspin of wonder ,anxiety and fear. But to others, this makes life a bit simpler, an unknown future ought allow us to fully operate and thoroughly enjoy the present moment.

Wade Rathke

Challenge: take a step back and look at life on the Grand Scale. We are but specks of dust, here today gone tomorrow. What kind of spec are you going to be: The kind that gets swept under the rug? Or the mote that flies into the eye of deceit, threatening to agitate it beyond repair and forcing it to submit to truths brutally thorough cleansings?


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