David A. Graham: A Closer Look at a Newsweek 'Reporter'

On his Twitter account, David A. Graham’s bio reads “Reporter at Newsweek.” Got that? He’s a… reporter. You see, when it comes to Newsweek you have to check for stuff like that because the difference between a reporter and a left-wing opinion columnist has nothing to do with what that particular individual writes. Everyone shares the same tank marked OBAMA, they just wear different uniforms under the mistaken impression they’re fooling someone — especially themselves.

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Earlier today, John Sexton did a superb job exposing Graham for what he really is: yet another one of Obama’s Media Palace Guards terrified at the prospect of what a serious investigation — media or otherwise — into the charges of ongoing and systemic discrimination at the Department of Justice could do to an already embattled and increasingly unpopular Obama administration. Here are the facts of a story that in no way interest David A. Graham Reporter:

After winning a case of voter intimidation against The New Black Panther Party, the Obama Department of Justice inexplicably dropped the charges.

Yesterday, the Washington Times reported a direct tie between the NAACP and The New Black Panther Party…

…the very same NAACP that just stirred the racial pot something fierce with a condemnation of the Tea Party that just happened to occur as the DOJ scandal was starting to gain a little media traction. Hmmm…?

And then there’s J. Christian Adams, a legitimate government whistle-blower who has testified that he was told by his fellow DOJ staffers to all but ignore cases where the defendant is a minority and the plaintiff white.

With all these dots begging to either be connected or discredited, what’s does David A. Graham Reporter suggest be done? Further investigation? Nope. Congressional hearings? Nope. Instead of wanting to get the bottom of the story, Graham instead attempts to smoke-and-mirror the story right off the MSM radar by writing the whole thing off as nothing more than right-wing political theatre — you know, like ACORN was.


Sounds like Multiculturalism 101 and LeftCanDoNoWrong 102 have taken the place of Curiosity 101 and GettingToTheBottomOfThings 102 at all the finest journalism schools.

Just for giggles I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what David. A. Graham Reporter has found newsworthy in the recent past:

On June 28th, Graham somehow managed to write Senator Robert Byrd’s obituary without once mentioning the Senator’s history with the KKK.

On June 22nd, the same David A. Graham who only sees political theatre in the ACORN and DOJ stories found time for all kinds of reporting with a 550 word look at a failed RNC program to bring in the youth vote.

On May 20th, David A. Graham Reporter finally did find an issue about race worth his reportering time — writing about how Republican Rand Paul’s “race comments roiled Kentucky.”

As Big Journalism’s own John Sexton pointed out, Graham doesn’t use reason to discredit the DOJ discrimination story, it’s all emotion, speculation, conjecture, half truths, double talk and — wait for it, wait for it — links to Media Matters! All that’s missing is a quality we used to find in reporters — a burning desire to get unanswered questions answered and to find out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

David A. Graham may call himself a reporter, but that job description is only true if by reporter you mean left-wing propagandist.


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