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Citizen Journalism Is Working


Citizen journalism is working far better than perhaps anyone expected. While traditional media has abandoned its responsibility and ethics to report unbiased news, citizen journalists have taken over the blogosphere and taken their cameras to the streets to find truth.

The former technique is one reason traditional newspapers are on their last legs. The latter technique is capturing truth so well that those being filmed resort to violence and intimidation in order to prevent it.


The answer goes back to a key phrase from an American cultural icon: Allen Funt.

Yes, I said, “Allen Funt.”

“Candid Camera” was not only a groundbreaking television show, it was a groundbreaking exercise in behavioral psychology. Mr. Funt told audiences that they were enjoying, “people getting caught in the act of being themselves.” In that case, it was innocuous entertainment.

In the case of citizen journalists filming left-wing protests, it’s akin to war zone photography. The numerous incidences of protestors intimidating or assaulting citizen journalists have been posted here on the BIG websites all too often.

Why such hostility?

Because left-wing protesters are being caught in the act of being themselves. Breaking into the Wisconsin Capitol building. Vandalizing public and private spaces. Slapping cameras out of the hands of citizen journalists. Bullying. Yelling at them. Assaulting them. Intimidating them. Disrespecting them because they are afraid to answer direct questions about who and what they support.

Left wing protesters and politicians are, quite simply, terrified that their true beliefs will be made public.

“Who are you with?” is now the most dangerous question to be asked at a protest. If you answer “Code Pink,” you’ll be safe. If you answer “Breitbart,” you’ll be beaten. If you don’t answer at all, it’s assumed you’re a Republican and you’ll be intimidated.

I can’t help but think of someone walking down the street in Nazi Germany and being asked, “Juden?”

The Nazis never had to worry about being caught in the act of being themselves, because they had all the power. Today, however, protesters can and should worry about being caught in the act of being themselves, because the citizen journalist has the power.

It’s called Truth.


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