Reuters Fabricates GOP Compromise on Tax Hikes


Senator Jon Kyl’s office has been slammed since Reuters Tweeted this less than an hour ago:

Myself and other conservatives reTweeted this and voiced disdain for the reported compromise. We were in disbelief that the GOP would cave with zero concessions on something so integral to private sector sustainability.

We were wrong — Reuters made it up.

Kyl’s actual remarks, just posted at

Earlier this afternoon Reuters reported: “Republicans have agreed to $150 billion to $200 billion in increased tax revenues as part of budget talks, says Senator Kyl.”

A look at the Senator’s actual words in the well of the Senate reveals that he was specifically NOT talking about tax increases, but the sale of government property and other use fees.

Reuters needs to correct their timeline and issue a retraction.

Apologies to Senator Kyl.


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