Comrades! Rejoice in the Death of Right-Wing Media!


The phone hacking scandal that has killed the News of the World will surely engulf the entire Murdoch empire.

Could there by any greater cause for celebration? Could there be any news more gleeful? Is any other news worth reporting?

Let the Geraldos and the Hannitys and the van Susterens keep grasping at the unraveling threads of the Casey Anthony trial. They will not report–but you and I can decide: Fox News is done!

The foot soldiers at Media Matters for America, who did such sterling work in exiling Glenn Beck to the castaway island of Internet television, now have a new mission: to haunt every advertiser on the Fox networks, in every slot.

Do you know that by putting your products and services on Fox, you are subsidizing a global criminal enterprise?

This isn’t about propaganda; this is about decency–whose day has come, at long last.

And the Wall Street Journal, which so arrogantly defied the fate of all print media, now is reduced to angry fist-waving on the editorial page. Now is the time for our revenge–come one, come all, and testify!

Even the outgoing Eliot Spitzer has dug the knife in. He was among the first to call for federal investigation of News Corp., to demand Fox lose its broadcast license because of the foreign crimes of another subsidiary. Brilliant!

Comrades, let us now confess: we knew it from the start. We knew, we had to know, that the right-wing media world was built on a slippery foundation of sleaze. That is always the case with these bigots, these profit-mongering racists. They are always moral hypocrites. It is only a matter of time before they are exposed. And surely in this instance, as in all others, there is a connection to the Koch Brothers–we shall find it!

Observe how little attention Murdoch’s fellow-travelers have paid to the scandal. This past weekend, only two out of four top stories on were about the Murdoch disgrace. Only half!

And the Wall Street Journal left its Monday coverage to a full-page spread on the inside of the paper. No front page editorials, no quarter-page headlines!

And the reason is obvious: none of these samizdat sewers is a real news organization.

How timely, how delightfully well-orchestrated this collapse is turning out to be. With less than eighteen months to go before the next presidential election, the greatest critic of the Obama administration, the great fomentor of teabagging and provocateur of town hall outrages has been humbled!

Comrades, this is no time for mercy. Let us rub their noses in their own filth as they are forced, finally, to acknowledge government’s goodness!

The myth of Fox must be shattered forever! We will prove that the alleged success of conservative media was a crime and a fraud, not some kind of commercial achievement! The American public does not need–and has never needed–a so-called alternative to the mainstream media–which is vigorous, diverse, and judiciously mindful of the proper place of the First Amendment. The fabled market for Fox was always a fabrication!

Do not be distracted by those who shout obscenities about the New York Times and wiretaps and Julian Assange and state secrets. Do not be discouraged by the clever tactics of those whose only defense is to cast complex analogies and hype hypocrisy.

After all, if an insider trading conviction in France did not stop George Soros then, why should it be relevant to anything he does now? We shall not lose sight of our target!

Comrades! In the name of press freedom, destroy those who abuse it! Let the networks resound with wall-to-wall coverage of the hideous crimes of Murdoch and his minions! Fight back against the provocateurs who have poisoned the minds of Americans for far too long!

Columnists, grasp your pens; talking heads, prepare your tongues; Media Matters, start your search optimization engines! Deliver a blow for real truth in media!


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