More MSM Hypocrisy Concerning Fast and Furious


I remember Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez because of the MSM. I couldn’t go a day without seeing him as the main story on the front page of CNN, MSNBC, and hearing all about the illegal dismissal of US attorneys. It was everywhere. You’d think this scandal was linked to the death of an ATF agent.

I went on the websites for CNN, FOX News, CBS News, New York Times, and ABC News (MSNBC & NBC didn’t give me results past 2011) and searched “Alberto Gonzalez.” Click on the links and you’ll see the many hits that came up! The MSM was all over this story. Seven US attorneys were fired on December 7, 2006 without much explanation. Some may have been fired to influence ongoing political corruption or any voter fraud investigations mainly for not going after investigations that could harm Democrat politicians. Mr. Gonzalez always made himself available to answer questions and turned over every single document he could. No wrong doing was found. But Democrats were going full force at him, demanding his resignation or firing. He finally resigned along with others over this scandal. Was Mr. Gonzalez innocent? Maybe, maybe not, but at least his controversies didn’t result in the death of an ATF agent in Mexico.

Rest In Peace Agent Brian Terry

This leads us to Attorney General Eric Holder. I would think with the way the MSM handled Mr. Gonzalez they would be all over Mr. Holder. I’m sadly disappointed. Actually the only person who talks about Fast and Furious on a regular basis is Cam Edwards, host of Cam & Company at NRA News. Sharyl Attkisson at CBS cares about Fast & Furious, too, and Lord knows she is not being received well. We must also give credit to Matthew Boyle at Daily Caller and Katy Pavlich at Townhall.

A few days ago a smoking gun was released by the White House. Documents are now released that Mr. Holder was being briefed about Fast & Furious July 2010. Ms. Attkisson reported this at CBS News October 3rd at 5:59PM. Mr. Boyle quickly followed at 6:49PM. There’s no time stamp on the article at FOX News, but I know it appeared last night before 10PM.

I looked at the other MSM websites and couldn’t find anything on their main page. It’s sad to say I’m not shocked at all despite this being a big deal. I’d say Fast & Furious is a bigger deal than Solyndra and The New Black Panther Party. I woke up this morning (October 4) and still nothing on the front pages. I decided to search their websites.

NOTHING on CNN. NOTHING at MSNBC. Actually a search for “Eric Holder” provided articles about how Bush also approved gun transfers. They are REALLY desperate. “Look Bush did it so Obama can too!”An article at ABC News wasn’t published until 2:55AM. Not much came up at The New York Times!

My question is why was the MSM so eager to cover everything about Alberto Gonzalez but are staying as far away as possible from Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious scandal? Instead the MSM concentrates on a rock. Every day it’s proven websites like the Bigs and internet radio shows like Cam & Company are the MSM now.


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