The Latest Episode of "Keepin' It Klassy" With Andrew Sullivan


Tacky Andrew Sullivan spins off Steve Jobs’ death with a bitter post about Sarah Palin’s negative on running for President. I will condense because I know it kills brain cells without the benefit of alcohol to read Sullivan:

I know which one will get the bigger headlines tomorrow. And there is some comfort in knowing it will pain her.

Palin talks to Mark Levin here (her voice is the deeper one). […] But the idea that this person is protecting her family – after putting them all on a reality show, after deploying an infant with Down Syndrome as a book-selling prop …

ZING! Good one, Andrew! Making fun of her family and doing it off the death of a visionary, you sassy necromancer. Babies are easy targets because they generally suck at hitting back. Of course, Sullivan would attack her if she didn’t have her son with her while she was working, too, so it’s damn her either way scenario. I mean, I realize that it’s only 2011 and some males of the progression persuasion haven’t yet come to terms with women being all out in the open, free-range, and doing crazy things like voting (gasp!) and working (OMG!), but for someone who presents himself as such a forward thinker, I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Even more shocking: women have babies sometimes. And women are actually able to work and raise children at the same time.

I can’t wait to delve into Never Never Land and see all the articles where Sullivan excoriates male candidates for daring to raise children while working. The Obama girls on the trail with then-presidential candidate Obama? The lack of such a balance would be repulsively sexist and Sullivan is too much of a progressive, forward thinker to betray his poseuriffic posturing as an equal-rights kinda guy while chaining women to some BS patriarchal stereotype, right?

The most unbelievable part of this article was when Sullivan wrote he was at the gym.

I was at the gym when the news broke, hence the late post.

Sullivan, the original birther, is still pretending that Joe McGinniss’s book isn’t an admitted lie, that media outlets didn’t dump him, or that his book wasn’t a flop.

I suspect she knows somewhere that the truth about her will eventually come out in full – as it has already in part, culminating with Joe McGinniss’ devastating and exhaustively reported book, The Rogue.

Sadly, Palin’s announcement that she won’t enter the presidential three-ring-circus represents the bitter dénouement of Sullivan’s Palin obsession. She won’t “fade into oblivion” and he knows she won’t; his National Enquirer career of baby speculation and pimping plagarists depends on it. The saddest truth of all is this represents the breadth of Sullivan’s written career. How fitting.


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