OWS Defecates On Cop Cars, Vandalizes Property, Pelosi Says "Bless Them"

This is “what democracy looks like,” I guess.

Remember when the tea partiers defecated on cop cars?

Remember when tea partiers sent death threats to law enforcement and American citizens?

Remember when tea parties had Marxist front groups place ads looking to astroturf by hiring protesters?

How about when tea partiers vandalized city property?

What about when the tea party silenced a civil rights leader?

[youtube 3QZlp3eGMNI nolink]

Right. The tea party didn’t do any of those things.

Andre Carson did slander the tea party by saying that they called them the “N” word “fifteen times” while walking to the Capitol building. A copious amount of video footage taken from various perspectives debunked Carson’s claim entirely. The incident is a real life demonstration of Frankenstein’s Monster. Sadly, Lewis helped to create the creepy liberal attitude that silenced him at that rally. Tea partiers don’t have to take votes before they decide whether or not they’ll allow black people to speak and they don’t make jazz hands while talking in groupspeak as they discuss it. Lewis would have found more encouragement to speak at a tea party than an Occupy Wall Street protest.

Nancy Pelosi likened the tea party to Nazis.

[youtube oRCq7mv7HVM nolink]

Last week she said of the OWS protesters and their actions: “bless them.”

[youtube 5vxnJ5u9R0A nolink]

There have been over a thousand arrests in just the first month of the minority street theater that is Occupy Wall Street. Despite the acts of vandalism, racial insensitivity, and violence mentioned above, the media and congressional socialists insist that it is the tea party who are “violent,” “extremists,” and like Nazis.

Occupy Wall Street performance artists have no idea why they’re there. They’re mad at Wall Street and the lack of American jobs, yet drive to the protests with their foreign-made vehicles plastered with bumper stickers extolling the “hope and change” of the Wall Street President, the man who’s received more cash from Wall Street than any other president, Barack Obama.

Occupy Wall Street is a living lesson in irony, group think, and mob rule, not of liberty or democratic exercise in a republic.

The media treatment is a lesson in bias and the promotion of one belief over another–an absolute bastardization of the very free thinking the OWS folks profess to support. They won’t print or remark on any of the above. Case in point:

Virtually zero reporting of the “cop car defecation” linked above, even though the story is over a day old.


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