In A Barack Minute…


….everything will change.

The world changed for the activist old media on Sunday night. The entire free world celebrated that Osama bin Laden had been killed by courageous Navy SEALs. The celebration was as it should be; a nation together in gratitude that an evil rat bastard met his demise thanks to the efforts of the highly trained US military, and a current president who is at least smart enough to follow the Bush Doctrine.

At the time perhaps the media did not know exactly what they were celebrating, but it’s worth mentioning because, as they say, “it is what it is.” I should mention here, one brilliant column by Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times, where he jumps into dangerous turf by being critical of the way the White House has handled this. This column is by far the exception, rather than the rule.

Do I dare say that destroying al Qaeda’s infrastructure (for which our military has sacrificed greatly from) has been more critical to keeping Americans safe than has the death of bin Laden.

For the last 8 or 9 years the media and the American left have done nothing but bitch about the methods used by the Bush administration in the War on Terror, in fact, much of the media (at the behest of Obama) had stop using the phrase, “War on Terror,” but for a Barack Minute, they seem to be on board. Can we now call a terrorist, a terrorist?

Do the media know that secret prisons, wiretapping and enhanced interrogation (a fancy phrase for torture,) was used by the CIA as intelligence to find bin Laden and eventually kill him? Do they know what they were celebrating that night? They do now.

I don’t expect the media to report much about the methods used as early as the mid 2000’s (uh oh, Bush was President then) that led to the killing of OBL, but suffice it to say that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed went through some level of torture in a secret prison to give up the name of bin Laden’s courier, phone calls were also wiretapped and as a result, Public Enemy #1 is sleeping with the fishes. You can’t have a dead OBL without a tortured KSM. The media love to point out delicious irony’s like this one, unless they, or their politicians are being “ironed.”

Where are the activist old media members nowadays complaining about the methods used? They could even blame Bush, if they wanted to—but they even refuse to go there because Obama benefits from this great news, and they want nothing to distract from that, 2012 is coming. If they were consistent they would ask Obama what torture methods were used on KSM and does he condone them—and the secret prisons—and the wiretapping? Will Democrats in power who openly opposed this type of intel gathering be called on this? Remember all your bold statements, “America is better than this, we don’t do what they do?” We remember those statements, they weren’t that long ago.

Consistency is something every good journalist strives for. I will say, those who opposed this type of intel gathering (and you know who you are and you are everywhere in the activist old media) are shallow in celebrating this victory and should call themselves out (I know that won’t happen.) I guarantee back at the exact time that KSM was being tortured to give up the intel, Obama, the media, and the American left were all singing the same song on that issue. We all heard it. They change in a Barack Minute. Never forget, this day would not have been possible without the CIA doing the nasty stuff they do. “We got beat up for it, but those efforts led to this great day,” said Marty Martin, a retired CIA officer who for years led the hunt for OBL.

Yes, you did Mr. Martin. You got beat to hell over what you did—and the smug media will celebrate like they were there with you every step of the way—or they will try to ignore your role in this victory for Liberty in the free world because it exposes their double-standard.

Some of us will not ignore what you did. We celebrate the death of the Mother of All Terrorists and we welcome the same methods to get the next bad guy who moves to the top of the list. We know the world is a dangerous place and sometimes bad methods have to be used to capture bad guys. We thank God we have people serving this nation who are willing to ignore the constant BS spewed by the activists in the old media, and do the hard work needed to keep the free world, free. Those ideals cannot change in a Barack Minute.


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