NY Times: Due to His Roots, Rick Perry's 'Forced to Show' He's Not Racist


Barack Obama, the sitting president of these here United States, is a man who …

… spent 20 years in a racially divisive church.

… called the racial demagogue Jeremiah Wright his mentor.

shared a stage with the openly racist New Black Panther Party as a presidential candidate.

… also shared that stage with Malik Shabazz, the head of the New Black Panther Party.

… has yet to tell us if the Malik Shabazz who signed the White House guest book in 2009 is the same Malik Shabazz who heads the New Black Panther Party.

… appointed an Attorney General who all but dropped slam-dunk charges of voter intimidation against this very same New Black Panther Party.

Obama’s racially divisive past and present and his associations with the some of the worst racial demagogues in our nation right now is appalling and indefensible. And yet, over the past three-plus years we’ve only watched the corrupt MSM cover this stuff up, excuse and dissemble it — the same MSM that declares opposition to ObamaCare or attending a tea party as racist.

The MSM has us living in an upside down world where everything’s racism except, you know, racism.

A perfect example of this is the latest anti-Perry hit-piece from the New York Times that takes guilt-by-association to a whole new level:

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who often waxes nostalgic about his small-town roots, grew up in an almost all-white rural area where many referred to slingshots as “niggershooters.” One elderly black resident recalls being introduced by her boss at a party decades back as “my maid, Nigger Mae Lou,” while just four years ago, a black high school student found a noose in his locker.

In 1968, Mr. Perry left home for Texas A&M, a deeply conservative university whose yearbooks early in the century included Ku Klux Klan-robed students and a dairy group called the Kream and Kow Klub. The school, having just graduated its first two black undergraduates, was in the early throes of desegregation; at the end of Mr. Perry’s four years there, blacks still made up less than 1 percent of the student body.

By the time he inherited the governorship from George W. Bush in 2000, Mr. Perry appeared to have moved well beyond his racially sheltered background.

One of his early acts was to appoint the first black justice to the Texas Supreme Court. A few months later, flanked by the parents of a black man who had been dragged to death behind a pickup truck, he signed a hate crimes bill that Mr. Bush had blocked. Over his three terms as governor, he has nurtured relationships with black leaders, including the head of the Texas N.A.A.C.P., who extols the governor’s open-mindedness.

The worst that the Times can come up with is that Perry defends keeping the history of the Confederacy alive. But laced like a poison in-between examples of how Perry isn’t racist, we’re beat over the head with scary stories about how everything around him is. Which boils down to the following:

Even his fiercest critics in Texas say that racism is not on their short, or even long, list of Mr. Perry’s sins. But Mr. Perry, whose advocacy of states’ rights sounds to some like a yearning for the Old South, has now been forced to show that he has overcome his early surroundings.

Perry’s been governor for a decade now. So who exactly is forcing him to suddenly prove he’s not racist?

That would be left-wing media outlets like the New York Times.

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s tie Perry to a chair, throw him in a lake, and if he doesn’t float we clear him of all charges!

Maybe the corrupt race-baiters at the New York Times could spend a little less time interviewing some woman Perry probably never met who says such profound things as “integration took time,” and instead find out if the Malik Shabazz who visited the White House in 2009 is the same anti-Semitic, racist leader of the anti-Semitic, racist New Black Panther Party.

Or is the New York Times and the rest of the MSM afraid of what they might find?

Much better to “expose” what Texas was like a half-Century ago as opposed to the White House today.

All the New York Times is trying to do here is finish the work the Washington Post started last week.

Using lies, innuendo, and distractions that require them to prove a negative, the MSM is on a crusade to take our candidates out one by one.


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