Media Matters' Eric Boehlert Still Needs To Provide Proof For His Arguments *UPDATE: David Duke Endorses


Yesterday Eric Boehlert made the mistake of trying to equate media coverage of the tea party to NBC’s Dylan Ratigan helping the occupy movement write their messaging while reporting on said movement. Boehlert has yet to provide examples of Fox actively writing tea party messaging. Boehlert is quick to defend NBC as it’s the only network that will consider having him on, albeit rarely.

Today Boehlert takes issue with my remark from last night that the Nazi Party USA endorsed the occupy movement, which they did, on Twitter and their website.

Boehlert’s response:

Obsessive, isn't he?

David Duke says that “thousands of tea partiers” asked him to run, yet never produced a single name from those thousands of tea partiers. Because he says it happened it must be true! When did Eric Boehlert begin listening to and believing a white supremacist? Very telling. Says more about his belief system than that of a tea partier’s.

The guy speaking at the Phoenix tea party apparently showed up when they were allowing citizens to line up and address people via an open mic. No one realized who he was until it was too late. The thing about these instances is though, the tea party runs off crazies. Boehlert defends them.

We also realize that many of these instances were LaRouche plants and progressives which attempted to crash tea parties, get film and photo of themselves doing it, and then later edit it altogether and make it appear as though Nazis, etc., were attending rallies. Lee Fang of Think Progress used without permission video from Adam Sharp who took video of a prog doing just this. Fang dishonestly presented the guy as a real Nazi instead of one of the tea party crashers from the Tea Party Crashers website and short-lived, epically failed movement.

The bottom line is that Media Matters established the yardstick which defines any group that has even the perception of the above as “racist.” The danger in using this yardstick, as demonstrated by my first image, is that it can go both ways. Progressives rarely think about things like that; they’re instant satisfaction, do now think later-type folks. So I’m going to use the yardstick that progressives insist we use and in doing so, progressives come off as exponentially worse in this story.

From my post yesterday:

There is only one group endorsed by the Nazi Party, supported by communists, a group that has scored over athousand arrests, a group where felons are arrested with guns, a group that threatens to kill people, a group where they desecrate the flag and defecate on cop cars, spit on uniformed Coast Guard members, and that group is the Obama-endorsed, cop-killer endorsed, Pelosi-blessed occupy movement for which NBC’s Dylan Ratigan served in some capacity as an editor while reporting on them.

Progressives have had communists march with them and President Obama himself appeared at a rally with hate leader Malik Shabazz, the same NBPP who intimidated voters and hollered about “killing white people” and their babies. We’ve seen numerous instances of antisemitism at these occupy rallies:

[youtube IMjm4LxFa1c nolink]

[youtube Iurg7A6MKH0 nolink]

[youtube Q55OAozWeNo nolink]

[youtube aFFlQEN0SvY nolink]

[youtube eYZy9YrA6pI nolink]

There’s a lot more, this is just from skimming off the top.

It’s so bad the Anti-Defamation League demanded that the occupy movement condemn the antisemitism.

All the drama over this seems to be nothing more than a distraction from the bigger bombshell: that the original occupy movement was started by a professional radical group funded by George Soros. Additionally, there were grassroots elements which began copying the movement in other cities, but they were soon hijacked and run out by establishment radicals like ACORN, etc. One original grassroots founders even reportedly received death threats from the radicals. Were I Boehlert, I’d be more concerned with defending the vestige of grassroots appearance than the above at this point, but Boehlert’s never been smart about picking his battles.

I need Eric Boehlert to do the following:

– Back up his analogy that Fox (and other network coverage) of the tea party is the same as NBC’s Ratigan writing messaging while pretending to report on OWS by showing examples of Fox writing tea party messaging

– Explain why Obama was present at a rally with hate leader Malik Shabazz

– Explain why Obama’s DOJ refused to prosecute the NBPP for voter intimidation

– Explain why the ADL had to issue a condemnation to Occupy Wall Street for antisemitism

– Explain the antisemitism at occupy protests and give video equivalence of equal or greater antisemitism at tea parties since no one has seen such

– Explain why there have been over 1,o00 OWS arrests and zero tea party arrests if the tea party are “violent racists”

– Explain why communists are endorsing OWS

– Explain why felons need to carry guns at OWS

– Explain what a man who has exposed himself repeatedly to children was doing at the occupy protests

You established the yardstick that we use, now answer to it.

*UPDATE: David Duke endorses OWS:

[youtube xKy22KsxX9k nolink]


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