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McClatchy Says Embellishment Behind Recent Medal Of Honor


This is a very strange story first brought up by McClatchy, who says that the Marines are promoting an embellished version of the story behind Dakota Meyer’s reason for receiving a Medal of Honor. Ed Morrisey hits the high points at Hot Air. This is what stands out to me below. Emphasis ours.


The Marine officials, who requested anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity, acknowledged that portions of the narrative were changed from the account Williams submitted. They said that the changes occurred between July, when Obama approved Meyer’s medal nomination, and the September White House ceremony. Inaccuracies were written into the citation and the narrative of Meyer’s deeds, although the narrative contained far more errors and exaggerations.

Everyone, McClatchy included, agrees Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer deserved the medal. Meyer is said to have suffered traumatic brain injury. He had a beer summit with Obama; however, somewhere along the way, the formal account submitted by Meyer’s commander appears to have been juiced up.

For their part, Obama is standing behind the awarding of the medal, but the White House isn’t answering any pertinent questions as to how the account may have been embellished. If it was done to enhance Obama’s stature as Commander-in-Chief and results in people having doubts about Meyer’s medal, that would truly be outrageous. This story may not be over, yet.

Meyer’s commander, Lt. Col. Kevin Williams, commended him for acts of “conspicuous gallantry at the risk of his life … above and beyond the call of duty.”

Just an observation: I wish McClatchy would follow Fast and Furious, Solyndra, or a few other items as closely.


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