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CNN and Wolf Blitzer Call for Presidential Transparency


Nice headline, huh?

Actually, Wolf Blitzer is calling for Presidential Transparency on the leading Republican candidate, not the actual President.

Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday hammered Mitt Romney on why he won’t release his financial records. Seriously, Wolf?

I’ll get to Romney’s financials in a moment, but the same Blitzer, who won’t pressure the current Commander in Chief to release his academic records is attacking Romney on his financials? Yep—Dear Leader must be protected at all costs, while Republican candidates will get the full on anal exam from the activist old media. That will be the template for 2012. Some may say, “get used to it.” Sorry, as a journalist, I find it hard to get used to clear media bias.

Here’s what Wolf had to say: “Transparency; you say you’re not going to release your income tax records … why would you [not] do that?”

Romney answered by saying that at this point in the campaign it’s not a requirement, and he will “follow the law” and release the records when required if he becomes the nominee.

But the badgering over “transparency” continued by Blitzer, “What do you have to hide?”

What do you have to hide? Really Wolf? Have you paid any attention to how the media is absolutely terrified to hold Dear Leader to account on his academics? Grades, transcripts, writings, on and on. Nothing has been released and Barack Obama (Mr. Transparency Himself) has no problem with ignoring any placid requests by the activist old media.

This same activist old media has created the template that Obama is the smartest person ever in the White House, and probably the smartest person who has ever led a nation, but they could care less about backing that up with actual evidence. It’s out there, somewhere. Perhaps, just perhaps they’re afraid of what they might find out. Who knows? Every president in the modern history of this country has released full academic records. One has decided not to, and the activists who call themselves journalists have no interest in pushing the matter any further. Since they have ignored it, we should too and just take their word for it that he is the smartest person in the history of people.

The Blitz on Romney continued, “If you wanna be president you’ve gotta expect everything to be open … very little remains secret.” At that point, I was rolling on the ground. Great stuff–can’t make this up.

Romney explained repeatedly to Wolf what most of us already know, if he becomes the nominee, the records will be out there and they will be wide open for all to see.

If Romney is the nominee his wealth will be made a major issue of the campaign. The Democrats and their activist old media will work to destroy Romney because he is successful and has worked hard through “evil” capitalism to build his own wealth and help thousands of other Americans to be successful. Nope, we can’t be putting a successful businessman in the White House, especially during these horrible economic times. We need to re-elect the person who has never worked in private enterprise and has helped lead to the economic destruction we are seeing right now. Obama is not stopping the free-fall right now and his foolish spending has made matters worse. Yep, so let’s go after the Rich Republican!

Republicans have made similar arguments during the primary, but as conservatives this is an absolutely dangerous road for any of us to go down. To accept any portion of the template of the left that becoming wealthy through hard work is seen as a negative cannot be allowed. If you believe in America and capitalism you’ve got to look at Romney’s accomplishments as absolutely brilliant. They are many, they are varied and they are world-wide.

This work by CNN and Blitzer is just another round in the Obama class warfare battle. It will get more intense, much more intense in 2012. Until then, I’ll ask Blitzer why he’s not on there every night demanding transparency from this president, while trying to look tough when going after the Republican front-runner.


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