'An Election Year Dawns' Without Keith Olbermann, No One Cares


The NYT reports that Keith Olbermann’s ego may cost him yet another job and his absences behind the anchor desk during the biggest political nights of the season aren’t going unnoticed.

In the television industry, Mr. Olbermann is well known for fights with his bosses; stories abound about his refusal to speak to managers and executives. At Current, this behavior has continued, according to four people with knowledge of the situation, one of whom described Mr. Olbermann as “disgruntled” …

… On Jan. 3, the channel is planning to have three hours of live prime time coverage of the caucus without Mr. Olbermann.

Just the other day Keith Olbermann fell over himself to defend Bill Maher’s controversial Tebow Tweet, which seems odd that the nave-gazing Ted Baxter of MSNBC would defend anyone but himself. Considering, though, that he’s on a fledgling network that no one watches and no one else wants him, he needs to keep his road to HBO — and to eyeballs — open.

One less Typical Angry Progressive Male Mouth Foamer™ on the airwaves won’t be missed — and if he was, the market would demand it.

Olbermann is known more for his off-camera antics than his work/professionalism, which explains why he is where he is today.


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