Reuters Sheds All Professional Integrity in Marco Rubio Hit Piece

This may be an all-time record for a “hit piece.”

If there is a Hall of Shame for journalism, the Reuters piece done on Marco Rubio will be at the front entrance emblazoned in flashing lights next to the Dan Rather forged Bush documents.

A senior staffer at Reuters told Politico that the column on Rubio was a “fiasco” and a “disgrace.” Politico can’t even stomach the article.

The Daily Caller found seven errors in the piece; later, Reuters admitted to three more.

Here’s the initial column–actually, I won’t call it that–here’s the initial hit piece on the Florida Senator and Reuters can now read it let it stand as Exhibit 1 of many in their bias against conservatives. The column deals with Rubio’s finances and they make so many errors in it that it seems almost silly to repeat them here. A couple errors worth mentioning, Reuters said Rubio voted against ObamaCare and against the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayer. Both votes happened before Rubio became a Senator. Other than that …

Let it just suffice to say that Reuters is trying to destroy Rubio’s chances at becoming the Vice Presidential choice for whomever the Republican Presidential nominee is. They say so in the headline: “Florida’s Rubio a Star, but an Unlikely VP Pick.”

What would cause Reuters “writer” David Adams (who is not responding to requests for comment) to write this garbage? The answer is simple; Reuters would hate to see Rubio in the VP spot because it would likely bring Hispanics to the Republican Party, and that could mean the end of the reign of their Dear Leader in the White House. This ain’t tough to figure out. I don’t know Adams from Adam but I know he is an activist, not a journalist. If Reuters had integrity, they would fire him for this (but I’m guessing it was a “group effort” for the “cause,” or he would be fired.) No writer could make that many mistakes accidentally.

I battle often with my friends in the media over bias. Few can see it. They refuse to acknowledge that there could actually be people in the media with a vested interest in elections, politics, and social issues. Of course, they are denying reality, but that is perhaps the most obvious character trait of the left. Reality Distortion Field.

Baghdad Bob lives, and works, at Reuters.